Request Denied

Lion is a very smart boy, but sometimes he thinks too much. Out of nowhere he asked me last night if I even like his cage. Hmmm. How to answer? Carefully. I said I didn’t know if I really like it. He said if he asked to have it removed what would I do. I said I’d have to find out if he wanted it removed because he wanted it removed or because he thought I wanted it removed. He said that was not an answer. Sure it is.

When we started this I was doing it for him. I was told to embrace my inner top. I didn’t know I had one. I’m still not sure I do. But I won’t know if I don’t try. And removing the cage would only prove that I don’t.

Yesterday he told me that he seemed to be hornier than usual lately. Since he’s always horny I didn’t really respond. I think he wants me to flip a switch and be horny too. I explained that after so much time not being horny, it will take some time to get back to it. A person who is overweight didn’t just wake up one morning with 40 extra pounds hanging off of them. It took time to get that way just like it will take time to lose the weight once they start exercising.

Another thing his questioning did was pull the rug out from under me. I thought I was doing pretty well. Maybe not pretty well, but I thought I was making progress. Now I’m unsure again. I have two choices. I can give up and uncage him, which I know he doesn’t want. Or I can try even harder. I’m trying harder.

So, my lion, your request to have your cage removed has been denied by order of Mrs. Lion.



  1. Author

    I never meant to imply you aren’t doing a great job. You are! You are becoming a very good top. I was worried and insecure. Worried, because I hate the thought that I am making things bad for you just to please me, and insecure because I know I am not a very good bottom; too many years as a practicing top.

    You are doing very well. I don’t expect you to want to have sex all the time. I don’t expect you to become the lioness dominatrix overnight. I asked about whether you would uncage me if I want because I needed reassurance that this isn’t all inside my head; that you are controlling my forced chastity.

    It wasn’t about you. It was about me and my concern that I am failing as your bottom and that this is all in my head. What you said in your post gives me the reassurance I need. It’s a bit like telling me I am a “good boy”. The words may seem demeaning, but they convey to me our new roles. That doesn’t mean you are failing if you don’t call me one. Not at all. I am just explaining why I ask you too. There are a million other ways to reassure me. It is really up to you whether you want to or not, and if you do, how you want to do it. It was just my attempt to feel your control, not a critique of your performance. You are doing very well and I remain your horny lion.

  2. Author

    Yay Mrs. Lion! I am so happy for you- Good job!

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