A Nice Break

Last night I got a sweet surprise. Mrs. Lion started a teasing session. She took me out of my cage and played with my penis until I was just ready to come. She stopped and I sighed. She ignored my sound. I was left out of my cage. About a half hour later, she began again. This time, when I was very close, I said, “I’m about to come.” I wanted to help her if her intention was teasing me. She didn’t stop. I had the predictable result, a very nice juice orgasm. After I calmed down, I asked her why she was so kind to me. Her reply, “I know you are starting a new job tomorrow and I don’t want you to be grumpy.”

How thoughtful! Mrs. Lion always has my best interests in mind. I can count on her to keep me safe and happy. Well, not always happy. Last night we went to a concert. Before we left, she offered me a choice: wear my cage or wear a diaper to the concert. She said, “I am pretty sure which you will pick.”

I picked the cage, of course. She knew I would. I spent all night out of a diaper. So nice to use the toilet! Got an email this morning from Mature Metal; my Jail Bird cage was mailed today. In a couple of days I will be able to report on how it feels to wear a custom-fit cage. Hopefully the measurements are right and that will be my permanent home. Feels a bit odd to say “permanent” but I think that is accurate.