I am falling asleep at my desk right now. It could be because the puppy woke me up at 5-something. It could be because I was feeling overwhelmed this morning. Well, it started last night and continued. It may even have started on the weekend. At any rate, I was trying to work through it, and apparently, it zapped all of my energy. I’ll get lunch when I’m done with this post.

We took the good puppy to her class last night. She’s learning to walk correctly on the leash. She patiently watched another puppy, and then we tried. No sweat. She’s smart enough to pick things up quickly—some things. If we could get her to stop chewing things and getting into things, we’d be all set. On the way home, we grabbed take-out. By the time we were done eating and cleaning up, it was around 9. I took my shower. I had another headache, or maybe it was the same one from the morning. There was no way we were getting to Tiesday.

Lion reminded me this morning that I need to change the bed and find time for Tiesday. I know he didn’t intend to, but he added to my feeling overwhelmed. I told him it’s like I have PMS without the M. Maybe it’s the cloudy, rainy, cool weather. Maybe it’s work stress. Maybe it’s a combination of things. I was commiserating with coworkers. I think we’re all feeling similarly. This makes work stress the most likely culprit. Oh well. It’s a good thing we can make fun of each other to blow off some steam.

When I created Tiesday, I forgot about puppy training. It only lasts six weeks, so it’s not like it’s off forever. And it’s not off at all. We can just move it to Wednesday. I haven’t come up with a catchy W word for bondage, but I’ll keep thinking. I could always just call it Tiesday delayed. It’s just another four weeks, after all.

Assuming I can stay awake for the rest of the day, we can break out the restraints tonight. I’m sure I’ll get a second or third wind somewhere along the way. If not, I can always snooze just before or after dinner. Then I’ll have the energy to torture my pet.

I hate writing about not wanting sex. It’s not what a sex blogger should be discussing. The simple fact is that my sex drive seems broken. On Wednesday night Mrs. Lion gave me oral attention. It felt very good. After all, it’s my favorite sexual activity. It took a long time for me to get hard in her mouth. Once I did, my arousal got stalled. Sure, I liked it. At times, I was sure I would get to the edge. I didn’t.

It’s ironic that Mrs. Lion can easily reach orgasm but doesn’t want to. I absolutely want to ejaculate but can’t. It reminds me of the Pinter play, “No Exit.” A straight man, a gay man, and a gay woman are trapped in a room with no door. It’s an odd drama that gives a vision of hell. All are clearly interested in sex but can’t find a partner. The tensions mount with no possible resolution. That’s how I feel. My lioness is orgasmic but uninterested. I’m interested but not orgasmic. Unfair!

Mrs. Lion is sure that my ability to ejaculate will turn on as suddenly as it turned off. I hope so. If history is any indication, she’s right. It doesn’t feel that way to me. I know, I know, I’ve sung this song before. There’s a good chance that Mrs. Lion is right. Tell that to my penis. I can’t claim that my interest in being spanked is unsatisfied. It’s way more than satisfied. I don’t have any idea what might trigger my libido. Mrs. Lion has a large repertoire of things she can do to me. Maybe running through some of them will refresh my libido.

Unspanked and marked. Click image to view larger.

Speaking of spanking, I appear to have permanent marks on my bottom due to being paddled so often. It’s probably a natural darkening of the skin caused by the repeated swats. It may be similar to the darkening most people get around the anus. I’m sure it’s harmless, but it tells a tale of spankings to a knowledgeable viewer. I wonder how many other guys experience this.

That’s me over 10 years ago. I haven’t jerked off since Jan. 2014.

I put a small survey on Twitter. I asked women readers to answer this question: Do you like to watch a man you know intimately masturbate? 70% said that they do. 30% said that they do only if they are sexually aroused. None said that they didn’t like to watch. This surprised me. I’ve read some female sex bloggers write disparagingly about males jerking off while they watched. Apparently, watching a sexual partner play with his penis is fun for all of the women. Nice, I suppose. It’s not a topic likely to come up here.

I am sure you won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve been thinking about spanking; no, not the standard semi-erotic thoughts I usually have. I’ve been thinking about how corporal punishment fits into a marriage. Since almost every guy has spanking fantasies, there is a sexual incentive to allow being spanked. But, I think most men fear the loss of power than allowing themselves to be punished will cause.

That’s where it gets interesting. It seems that most people think that domestic discipline turns men into submissive wimps. It seems that the assumption is a woman who has the right to spank her husband will turn into a tyrant who will make him a slave. The reality is completely different. I think our experience is fairly typical.

Mrs. Lion wasn’t waiting for the chance to subjugate me. She likes me as her partner, not her kid or slave. It took a long time for her actually to punish me. She doesn’t arbitrarily punish me. She always lets me know what she expects. She also seeks my agreement when she decides to enforce something new. I don’t need to agree. She is fair, almost too fair. The point is that I have not turned into a submissive. I make a lot of decisions for our marriage. Mrs. Lion looks to me for leadership.

That doesn’t stop her from punishing me when I break a rule. It all fits together. I want her to expand her rules to cover my behavior that upsets her. Actually, she has created those rules. She has trouble enforcing them. If I don’t remember to set up the coffee pot, she doesn’t think twice before bruising my bottom. But if I piss her off by interrupting her or acting like a know-it-all, she doesn’t even growl. She withdraws. I’m hoping she will be just as dispassionate about spanking me for interrupting as she is about my forgetting to set up the coffee pot.

Contrary to the fantasies, we communicate about her punishment style. She asks for my feedback after a spanking. We both agree that the punishment is most effective when I hate the spanking and it hurts to sit for a few days afterward. It may seem stupid for me to help her hurt me more and encourage her to find more reasons to punish me. It isn’t. We are both trying to improve our relationship.

After several years of DD, we’ve made great progress. Success means that I suffer a lot more when I’m punished. It also means that I’m held to a higher behavioral standard. Is that a submissive thing? Is it bad or unhealthy? I don’t think so! It’s working very well. I believe that a man has to be very comfortable with himself and his role before allowing himself to accept spousal discipline. I am a happy camper.

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As Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday, I’m not sexually cooperative. I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t seem to be getting turned on. I’m not sure why. It may just be a slump. It’s frustrating for both of us. It’s not that I want sex, but I can’t get it up. I don’t want it. Maybe my libido is joining Mrs. Lion. That would make being a sex blogger odd.

I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case, but for the moment, let’s consider whether that would impact our non-sexual activities. Would I start objecting to being punished as a disciplined husband? I, like most men, initiated our domestic discipline partly because the idea of being spanked turns me on. What happens if nothing turns me on? I suppose it no longer matters. There is nothing in our agreement that says I have to get a woody thinking about a spanking. In that sense, it makes perfect sense for me to write about DD.

Mrs. Lion is sure that my interest in sex will return soon. I hope so.