Here we are in the depths of winter. Maybe it’s the season, but very few bloggers I follow have written anything since Christmas. That’s a little surprising. It’s not like there is a ton of stuff to do in January unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere. What do I know? I miss the fun reading.

I’ve noticed that a disproportionately large percentage of people commenting on this site are men who say their wives are no longer interested in sex. Almost all of them lament that they can’t get their wives to provide sexual attention for them. There are a couple of ways to look at this. One is that male chastity can be a one-player game and add interest and excitement to masturbation.

Many guys who wear chastity devices don’t have keyholders. Many who do handle all the locking and unlocking themselves from what I see. It doesn’t matter. Wearing a male chastity device definitely adds excitement to a man’s sex life. Reading about the subject is also hot.

Couples who actively practice it can use the male orgasm control to provide an active sex life for a man whose wife has little or no interest in sex for herself. Male chastity is a game where the stakes can get high, for the man at least. Mrs. Lion is an expert at making me desperate to ejaculate. This is a game that values cock teasing. Fun for women who like to see men helplessly beg to get release.

Mrs. Lion is the first woman I’ve known who actively dislikes the idea of me masturbating. She simply doesn’t want me to do it. Other women, I’ve known, considered it a way to get me off without having to do anything. I never liked that aspect of it. For me, jerking off was a tension-relieving activity like jogging or lifting weights. It wasn’t that much fun, but I really missed it when I didn’t get to do it. Mrs. Lion doesn’t allow it, and I haven’t jerked off since December 2013. I don’t think about doing it anymore.

It appears that there are more reasons for men who don’t have active partners to read our blog than men and women who have active-if-kinky sex lives. I could be wrong. I’ll only find out if I hear from you.

Today (Sunday) is my 11th day since ejaculation. I’m in the middle of my horniness sweet spot. Over the years of my male chastity, we’ve discovered that my interest in ejaculating varies as time goes by. Predictably, my interest in sex is fairly low during the first four days. I rapidly gain interest from the fourth to the seventh day. At the one-week mark, I’m near my peak. By the tenth day, I am ready to hump trees. This continues until about the fourteenth day, when it begins to fall off. After the seventeenth day, it’s difficult to edge me. I’m sexually unpredictable.

When my level is between three and five, I may be edged and brought to orgasm. It may take a lot of time and effort to get me there. Probably, I will “stall” and be unable to get close. I don’t understand this, but it appears to be a consistent pattern. I have an orgasmic sweet spot.

Interestingly, many women who write about controlling their partners’ orgasms end up saying that the optimum time between ejaculations is seven to ten days. They don’t tell why. Maybe that is the female sweet spot as well.

My average is getting closer to fifteen days. I have no idea why, but I ejaculate only twice a month. This average is close enough to my sweet spot to permit Mrs. Lion the ability to produce ejaculation without too much fuss and bother. These statistics are based on a single sexual session a day. Mrs. Lion has yet to attempt arousing me several times before the session. [Mrs. Lion — I do arouse him when I wax him and then we usually play later on.] I wonder if that wouldn’t extend the sweet spot and push my level of arousal past its current peak.

Sometimes during my particularly horny period, I will tease myself until I am hard and excited. On days I do that, our sex session is generally easier for Mrs. Lion. I remember my earlier arousal, and it fuels the serious sexual session. I asked Mrs. Lion to try this with me. If she decides to give it a shot, we can see if it changes my chart.

The chart is based on when Mrs. Lion can edge or get me off in a session. Levels zero through three represent sessions where I get hard but don’t get close to the edge. When I hit level six and above, I can be edged and made to ejaculate. It happens in less time and more intensely for me at levels eight and above. While this is a reliable guide, there are times when I should be at the height of horniness when I can’t reach the edge.

I’m convinced that “preloading” sessions will make me much more reliable. Simply getting me hard a couple of times in advance of our session may add to my reliability and pleasure. Even if it doesn’t, I think it could become big fun for both of us.

The restoration people have cleaned out the water damage and mold from the basement. My home office has a very strong ammonia odor. I can’t spend much time in it. Our stuff is out and being handled by our insurance people. What a mess! Fortunately, we are fine and don’t have any serious losses. Mrs. Lion hasn’t focused on sexual or disciplinary matters since this happened over a week ago. Fortunately, she did give me a nice orgasm in the midst of this.

She plans on waxing me this weekend. I am getting pretty furry. This is a combination of fun and pain. Even though my hair has gotten sparse and thin, the hot wax burns my tender balls and perineum. Pulling the hair out isn’t painful at all. When she is done with my front side, Mrs. Lion removes residual wax with mineral oil and spends extra time on my hard cock. She’s a very careful lioness.

It’s been 19 days (as of Friday) since my last spanking. I’m not exactly complaining, just pointing out that it’s been a while. Our pattern is that the longer the time since my last spanking, the less likely I’ll get one. The only exception is if I forget to set up the coffee pot. If I do that, I get spanked. Now that Mrs. Lion agreed to implement “fact of life” spankings (“It’s Just A Fact Of Life“), I expect my butt to hurt more often. Right now, inertia has cut in, and Mrs. Lion will eventually remember.

She wrote that she plans to ride me reverse cowgirl this weekend. It may be a bit too soon. It’s only been two days (as of Friday) since my last orgasm. Three or four days may be too soon for a ride. It’s not up to me. Just sayin’. No matter, we will have a busy weekend.

I am falling asleep at my desk right now. It could be because the puppy woke me up at 5-something. It could be because I was feeling overwhelmed this morning. Well, it started last night and continued. It may even have started on the weekend. At any rate, I was trying to work through it, and apparently, it zapped all of my energy. I’ll get lunch when I’m done with this post.

We took the good puppy to her class last night. She’s learning to walk correctly on the leash. She patiently watched another puppy, and then we tried. No sweat. She’s smart enough to pick things up quickly—some things. If we could get her to stop chewing things and getting into things, we’d be all set. On the way home, we grabbed take-out. By the time we were done eating and cleaning up, it was around 9. I took my shower. I had another headache, or maybe it was the same one from the morning. There was no way we were getting to Tiesday.

Lion reminded me this morning that I need to change the bed and find time for Tiesday. I know he didn’t intend to, but he added to my feeling overwhelmed. I told him it’s like I have PMS without the M. Maybe it’s the cloudy, rainy, cool weather. Maybe it’s work stress. Maybe it’s a combination of things. I was commiserating with coworkers. I think we’re all feeling similarly. This makes work stress the most likely culprit. Oh well. It’s a good thing we can make fun of each other to blow off some steam.

When I created Tiesday, I forgot about puppy training. It only lasts six weeks, so it’s not like it’s off forever. And it’s not off at all. We can just move it to Wednesday. I haven’t come up with a catchy W word for bondage, but I’ll keep thinking. I could always just call it Tiesday delayed. It’s just another four weeks, after all.

Assuming I can stay awake for the rest of the day, we can break out the restraints tonight. I’m sure I’ll get a second or third wind somewhere along the way. If not, I can always snooze just before or after dinner. Then I’ll have the energy to torture my pet.