You’ve probably heard of penis pumps. They are frequently advertised as devices intended to increase penis size. Wrong. They are useless in that department but very, very valuable for other things. A penis pump is a device with an air-tight container for the penis and a vacuum pump to remove air in the container. When air is removed, blood is drawn into the penis. What’s the point?

An erection occurs when blood is pumped into the spongy tissue of the penis. The penis pump creates an erection inside the cylinder. If a cock ring is worn around the penis, it stops the return of blood to the body when the vacuum is released. This is a technique to produce erections for men who have ED. It’s considered the safest treatment for ED.

The pump has a different use. It can help improve erections for the rest of us. As we age, the spongy tissue in the penis loses some of its flexibility. As a result, erections aren’t as firm, and the penis loses some of its length and girth. The penis pump helps the tissue regain some of its flexibility. The Mayo Clinic and FDA agree that this treatment works.

There are a lot of penis pumps available. I got one from Amazon. It’s electric and automatic. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery. This device has four settings. Two with medium suction and two with higher suction. The pump works by cycling the vacuum pump. The timing of the on/off cycle determines the amount of suction.

When I turned the device on, it cycled with a small level of suction. Pressing the green mode button cycles the device through its four modes. It’s supposed to be used for about five minutes per session. I started with the lowest setting (one green bar displayed). Each cycle made my soft penis harder. It didn’t feel particularly good. It didn’t feel like I had an erection, but I could see my penis getting larger and larger.

I went to the second setting for my next session. It was a bit uncomfortable, but not bad. So far, I’ve used the pump four times. Mrs. Lion gave me oral sex on Sunday night. She reported that I was no harder than usual. Maybe I need more sessions before improvement will be apparent.

Penis pumping doesn’t work to make a cock larger. Well, a slight increase in size does accompany treatments. Pumping has a much more important value. It improves the quality of erections. It’s worth the $39.99 for this device. (Amazon)