A spanking is moving up Mrs. Lion’s to-do list. On Saturday, the dog got her grooming and pawdicure. We picked up bagels and my new contact lens. Before dinner, Mrs. Lion approved an Edex shot, and she attempted a handjob. It wasn’t successful. As far as I can tell, her list now has just a haircut, waxing, and spanking on it. She may also plan another Edex shot and another try at sex. The probability that a spanking is coming soon is very high.

While we were driving on Saturday, we had a short talk about spanking. We talked about how long she had been spanking me: over twenty years. She said that I hadn’t broken any rules. I suggested that maybe she needed to look more closely. She replied that she didn’t need a reason to spank me. I agreed, and the conversation ended there.

There’s a little problem with “Just Because” spankings. Mrs. Lion tends to make them milder and shorter than the ones administered for a reason. This is interesting to me. She always says she spanks me because I want to be spanked. I believe her, but I think there is more to it than that. If spankings are purely because I want them, why are punishments much more severe than spankings without a reason? Also, twenty years of paddling probably needed more motivation than simply doing something I wanted. Well, maybe not.  Still…

I’m still troubled by my attraction/need to be spanked. It turns me on to think about it. I’m motivated to encourage her to make her spankings severe, but I hate them when I’m strapped to the spanking bench. I have to admit I dread punishment more than “Just Because” spankings. That may change if Mrs. Lion is more motivated when I haven’t been naughty . That could change.

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