Dessert Before Dinner

I think I surprised Lion when I decided to spank him before he did his boner injection. He said he wouldn’t mind waiting to be spanked. I knew I’d forget, or more accurately, I wouldn’t want to do it, if I waited till afterwards. Besides, even though it was a punishment spanking, it might turn him on. It’s true that I don’t normally give him sex on a day I punish him. I don’t want to confuse things. But he’s been having difficulty getting and staying turned on. It was worth a shot.

There’s probably no way to know for sure if it was the increased dosage of boner juice or his tender buns, but he certainly was turned on. I think he had one of his longest erections. I know that’s the boner juice talking. He was hard, but not super hard. At one point during my oral ministration, he seemed to lose it a little, but he bounced back well. Ever since he told me I sucked too hard (is that a thing?), I’ve been backing off and letting my tongue do most of the work. Until yesterday, it hadn’t been making much of a difference. However, that changed.

Except for the timer set during punishments, I don’t watch the clock. I usually have no idea how long it takes for him to either have an orgasm or give up. Sometimes, it’s me who needs to give up because I’m tired or achy. The last time we tried, I decided I would go as long as he needed me to go, even if I was dying. Unfortunately, he had to give up. I was hopeful but still worried, that he would have his orgasm. It’s too important to him not to have another one.

He was bucking last time, and I tried to match his rhythm. This time, he didn’t really start bucking till the end. I guess that’s why I was getting discouraged in the middle. But I am ecstatic to say that he did indeed have an orgasm. And I finally got my cream filling. Yay! I hope we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.

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  1. At last, the long awaited, coveted yet elusive orgasm…after 96 days. Im very delighted so see you have an orgasm. Looking forward to see more fair posts.

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