I am battling with the Roomba this morning. It doesn’t want to charge. We had this problem not too long ago, and I was able to work some kind of magic to get it going again. Sadly, I seem to have lost my touch. I changed the battery. Nothing. Pushed buttons. Nothing. It’s pushing my buttons, I can tell you that. I’ll try again later.

Speaking of factory reset, Lion needed one last night. He was horny for the first time in a while. [Lion — 17 days!] I asked if he wanted the whole nine yards or just a blow job. He opted for the blow job. He didn’t think he could handle the whole nine yards. Fair enough. I always love giving him a blow job.

The first thing I did was bury my face in his balls. I haven’t done that in a long time. He was warm from being under the covers. Then I started my assault on his weenie. He responded right off the bat. A little while in, I thought he was going to lose it. I kept going, though. I knew it might take a while. Long after my arms had started to go numb, he got somewhat urgent. He even started bucking. I did my best to match his thrusts. He doesn’t usually do that.

When he came, I got a bunch of cream filling. It was probably twice what I have been getting. I don’t know if he needs to wait 17 days in order to have a huge orgasm or what, but he certainly had one. Maybe there’s something to the Ozempic decreasing his libido. He took some more today. I guess we’ll see what happens all week. If he’s horny again on Friday, maybe he’s on to something.

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