hand job closeup
Yes, that’s really us.

When we had dinner on Saturday night and I still been unspanked, I figured I had another day’s reprieve. Nope, I didn’t. A little while after we ate she got the spanking bench ready and handed me my waist restraint. I groaned. I wasn’t in the mood for a spanking. OK, you’re right, I’m never in the mood to get spanked. Of course it didn’t matter. Mrs. Lion strapped me down and went to work.

Some spankings feel worse than others. This one was particularly painful. I’m not sure why since Mrs. Lion was using her usual leather paddle, but it was. I was miserable almost from the very start. She ended it a little before the ten minutes were up. I’m glad. I had enough. There was very little damage to my butt. It was a bit leathery in two spots (one spot on each cheek), but that’s all. I probably won’t be so lucky next time.

Mrs. Lion said that she was going to jerk me off today (Sunday). That may not seem like a big event to you, but it is for me. Over ten years ago, Mrs. Lion forbade masturbation. I haven’t jerked off since. I am totally dependent on her for sexual release.

It’s been a very long time since she’s gotten me off by hand. My last handjob was in January of 2023. Every orgasm since then has been oral. I love oral sex, both getting and giving. I haven’t given Mrs. Lion an orgasm in over two years. She’s lost interest.

Over most of the last decade, my orgasms have been produced with her hand. In between orgasms, she used her hand to edge me on a nearly daily basis. At one point, I stopped responding and couldn’t orgasm, no matter how hard she worked with her hand. That’s when she switched to using her mouth for both orgasms and teasing.

Mrs. Lion likes to suck my cock. She really likes the taste of semen. Yuck! I don’t. How do I know? she occasionally feeds my semen to me. She makes me lick it off her fingers. The longer I try to stall, the worse the taste gets as it ages. I try to remember that and promptly consume it when offered. Lately, I’ve produced little-to-no semen. If I make some today, I wonder in whose mouth it will end up.

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