As promised, I gave Lion a handjob yesterday. I forgot it was supposed to be a hand job until he reminded me. It was his first in a very long time. They used to be the go-to method for his orgasms. Then they weren’t. Between my sore shoulders and his, what we now know as, need for a helper drug, hand jobs just stopped working.

Ironically, even with the Edex, my shoulders tend to hurt more during oral sex than they did yesterday jerking him off. Go figure. I’m sure it was such a novelty yesterday, my shoulders forgot they were supposed to hurt. I guess from now on he can either be sucked or jerked.

On Saturday night, I whomped him good. The pain didn’t last very long afterwards, but he was definitely not pleased with me. That’s okay. He shouldn’t be. He should be concentrating on what he did wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But mostly, he was focusing on how much each swat hurt.

Once his glow faded from his orgasm, he went to take a shower. On his way back, he forgot his pills. I know he’s forgotten them before and had to go back to the bathroom to retrieve them. He did not catch his mistake until it was too late last night. Poor Lion. Was another whomping in his future?

I took pity on the forgetful boy. All of his blood was still near his weenie and hadn’t quite made it back up to his brain. I really can’t punish him for that. I’m surprised he could even manage to find the bathroom, let alone take a shower. How could I expect him to follow a rule? Luckily, his brain seems to have recovered. Any forgetful thing he does now is his own fault.

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