Hint For A Bargain Network And No Action In View

As you might imagine, we are struggling to get ready for our move. My role is minor. The most important job I have is to make our new house smart. The key components we need in place are our internet connections and home network. Our current network is rather old and I am replacing all of the key components. Because of that, I can have our WiFi up and running before we move. That will allow all of our Echo devices to function just by plugging them in.

I made a discovery that might be helpful if you are planning to replace your old network equipment. It turns out that business-grade components are cheaper than the home versions. For example, I bought a TpLink router for $49 and a business-grade access point for $79. Most home “routers” are actually a combination of a router and WiFi access point. The combination of the two commercial products costs $130. You can’t buy a cheap home “router” for that price. Sometimes I think I should start an electronics blog.

The setup was pretty easy, and we’ll install it before we move in. We’ve agreed to put the spanking bench under the living room bay window. Our plans for the new house are coming together. I’m still having trouble finding my way around. It will take me a while to figure out where to go.

Since I started using Edex, our sex seems to be on a twenty-day schedule. Mrs. Lion is agreeable when I ask if we can do something, but she doesn’t initiate any more. I worry she’s tired and has sore shoulders, so I don’t ask too often. I suppose this works, but a lot of the fun seems to have gone away. I’m considering just stopping.

We are less than ten days from our move. At this point we have to focus on getting everything done, not sex or spanking.