spanking bench

We have been planning where our furniture will go in our new home. Mrs. Lion decided that the spanking bench would now reside in the living room by the front window. When she told me this, I asked if that meant I would be spanked in the living room. She rolled her eyes and said, “Of course.” Spanking is no longer a bedroom activity for the Lion family.

I’m having a hard time finding my way around the new house. My vision is very poor and it will take me time to get the geography straight. Mrs. Lion has helped me find my way on our visits. The actual move is two weeks off. Between now and then we will be back and forth several times. We’ve lucked out when it comes to the Internet. We subscribed to the T-Mobile 5g service. They promised about 20 Mbs bandwidth. It turns out that our house is near a tower and we get 300 Mbs from the 5g. I had no idea it could be that fast. It’s much better than the Xfinity service we planned to use as our primary connection. We’ll keep both for now. The combination should assure us service during power failures and other natural disasters around here.

We haven’t done any BDSM, sex, or discipline for some time. We’ve both been too tired or busy with the move. Maybe one of these days, we’ll get back to it. Mrs. Lion has been too stressed to think much about more than moving and work. Her shoulders have been hurting. Spanking me would just make them hurt more.

Speaking of spanking, one of our readers offered a very insightful comment:

“A spanking or punishment is meant for improvement and to bring togetherness!
Miss Lions few ground rules are yours to show her you’re committed to harmony, love and respect!
Not ‘I want and you need.’ “

I hadn’t thought of my rules that way. John, our reader, is right. It isn’t the number or importance of the rules that matter. It’s the opportuntiy they give me to show love and respect. Conversely, the rules give Mrs. Lion a clear way to show me how much she cares and values me as her mate. I appreciate his valuable feedback.

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