The Everything Bench

I was less than thrilled with Lion’s idea to move things out of bed. For years I’ve been advocating moving everything out of the bedroom except sex. At first, his rationale for not doing it was that our house in New York didn’t have a television in the living room. Initially, our living room in our old house in Washington was too cluttered. However, once it was decluttered, it was too chilly and/or too uncomfortable and/or some other reason. The living room in this house was too cluttered and now there isn’t a comfortable place for him to sit. At times, I’ve thought about just sitting in the living room without him to see if he’d follow. I assume not. He’s much more comfortable in bed. [Lion — Right now the living room is quite cluttered. We have two Ikea chairs that used to work will for me before my neck surgery. Now they are too difficult for me to use because the seats are low. I can probably use the couch. We can also go chair shopping. I like the idea of using the bed a lot less.]

Tonight, I’ll pull out the spanking bench and give him some attention. I guess we’ll have to start calling it the everything bench now. I don’t know exactly how it will work but I suppose, like everything else, it will take some time to get used to. As you may have guessed, I didn’t look for the restraints after work. When I approached Lion with the rope, he said I didn’t have to bother. And then he tried telling me I didn’t have to take the cock ring off, but I thought he was in a “poor me” mood and didn’t want to bother me at all. I wasn’t bothered. I wanted to tie his balls up. I didn’t realize until later that he wanted the ring on because it had a hand in turning him on. I sure wasn’t turning him on. He told me it was like I’d forgotten how to jerk him off. I thought I’d been doing it right. I guess all those years of doing it one way were wrong. Go figure.

When it became clear that he wasn’t going to be turned on even with me touching him in the right place, we decided to stop. I went off in search of the restraints. Lion told me not to waste my time, but when else would I have time to do it (and be thinking about it). It didn’t take long to find them. I had an idea where they were. Now I just have to snap the top ones on near the headboard and keep the other ones handy to go near the footboard. Of course, that’s when we use the bed. There may be a way to use them on the everything bench or even the waxing table. I’ll have to think about that.

For now, the everything bench will be the go-to piece of furniture around here. We may need to splurge on something a little more sturdy and comfortable.