I May Be In For It

wife spanks husband

I think I’m done for a while making changes to our blog. While the visible differences are small, our platform is bigger and stronger. Readership is up, and we can support it. Some of our usual features are not fully integrated yet, but they will be soon. We were due for a cleanup after a decade. A blog can accumulate a lot of junk.

Monday night was orgasm night for me. I did the Edex injection after my shower, and Mrs. Lion ended her workday. I was fully erect in less than five minutes. Mrs. Lion gave me a great orgasm. Then we had some of our homemade beef-barley soup for dinner, snuggled under the covers, and watched TV. All in all, a very pleasant evening.

We are both worried about having to move. It’s a giant undertaking that is stressing us out. It’s going to chew up a lot of our savings with no real benefit to us. We like where we live and were promised at least eight years before we would have to relocate. That’s the problem with leasing, especially in this state. The law requires that any lease that goes for more than one year must include land surveys of the property. This effectively eliminates longer leases.

Oh well, we’ll figure it out. We always do.

This afternoon, I’m going to get blood tests in preparation for my annual physical tomorrow. What a drag! It’s cold (40o F) and cloudy, a perfect time to stay home and snuggle. Speaking of things to do, I have to get back to my writing. I’ve put it off long enough. While we’re on the subject of overdue stuff, spanking, and our disciplinary activities have also fallen by the wayside. I can’t blame Mrs. Lion; she’s under a ton of stress. She did mention my “virgin” butt last night, so maybe she hasn’t completely forgotten.

Uh oh.


  1. I am also going for blood tests today prior to my annual physical.
    Had an amazing orgasm 2 weeks ago. 2 belt whippings in the last 2 days.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Best wishes for the holidays and with the upcoming move.

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