Slow Down

I guess I was thinking like our last move that had to be done very quickly. I’ve been looking for houses to rent. Lion says we have time. It’s true. We need to pack, but then we’re in the catch-22 of we-can’t-pack-until-we-have-a-place-to-go. We also had the camper last time. We were able to park that in the backyard and sleep in it for a night or two before the movers brought our stuff. That’s not an option now. Oh well. We’ll figure it out.

Now that the car is sort of taken care of and the house hunting isn’t in panic mode, maybe we can get back to normal around here. Lion brought out the Edex the other night but we didn’t use it. I don’t remember if he was snoozing a lot or if I was achy. Sometime this weekend we need to use boner juice and the spanking bench. It’s been far too long for both. Lion’s buns have probably forgotten what it’s like to be whomped. I can take care of that.

What we need to do more of is being close. Lion will say I’m on my iPad too much. I’ll say he’s always snoozing. Both are true. We both need to make an effort to be more connected. I don’t mean just sex, but that’s part of it. It’s been a long time since he had an orgasm every night. I’m not saying he should. I don’t think he could. But he needs orgasms more often. I bet he’ll agree with that.

And he needs more spanking. He’ll agree with that here and all the way up until I drag out the spanking bench. Then he’ll be sorry he ever taught me how to spank. By the next day, he’ll be nostalgic about the last one and looking forward to the next one. Until that bench comes out.