It is late on Saturday afternoon. We spent most of the day trying to assemble my antenna. It was a stupid mistake that I made. I only discovered my error after two futile trips to hardware stores. Then, after ordering a replacement, I noticed something we both missed all day. Bob’s your uncle and it magically went together. Mrs. Lion will mount it tomorrow.

I took a new dose (.45 ml) of Trimix about five minutes ago. I’m starting to feel something growing. Maybe this time, it will be penetration-ready. I’m not holding my breath. I was warned that I could need a large dose. Still, I like what’s happening between my legs right now. It’s just a little growth, but I’m sure things will get longer and fatter as I type. I love this feeling. Even if there’s no sex, just getting hard is great. I hope that this time I’ll get nice and hard.

So far, it’s getting longer, but still floppy. The tip is past my balls and is touching the edge of my office chair. I can feel the blood filling it. I’ll have to take a break from typing soon. At least I hope I will. The head is fully exposed. I can still bend it, but I don’t think that it’s done growing. Come on, boner! You can do it, Lion! I don’t know. Please grow. Please?

one hour later

Nope, it didn’t happen.  Floppy and useless. Mrs. Lion tried oral, but no luck. I’m really discouraged. Sex seems out of reach. I’m almost out of Trimix. Should I ask for another bottle? Maybe it’s time just to give up. Is it worth another $133 for ten more disappointments? Going from .40 to .45 ml made no difference at all. None. Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex. Maybe it’s time for me to give up too. It would be one thing if each time I increase the dose, there is some progress. That’s not what’s happening. Nope.

OK, I’m going to send an email to my urologist and fill her in. Let’s see what she has to say.

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