Breaker One Nine (I Know That’s CB)

As you’ve been reading, Lion is getting back into ham radio. In true Lion fashion, he’s researching the heck out of it. He bought a handheld radio so the house has been full of beeps and screeches and static while he searches for signs of life. After days of being unable to find anyone, he bought an antenna for the house. This will have to be mounted to the chimney with the cable strung along the house to his office window. He asked me yesterday if I thought I could do all those steps. Of course I can.

I was a little less than enthusiastic yesterday for two reasons. Our lawn is very uneven. I’m not talking about hills. I mean from one step to the next, you could step in a divot. The dog didn’t dig these holes, although I do step in those too. As I was mowing Saturday, my knee must have taken the brunt of some of those holes. It hurt randomly all day. I couldn’t think about climbing a ladder to do anything. The second reason is that this is yet another tangent for Lion. He gets an idea. He researches it. He does it. And I’m supposed to go along with it. Normally, this is fine. This time, however, it requires me to get a license/certificate.

Can I pass this test to get the license? Of course I can. Do I want to? Not really. I do see the merits of being able to use the radio in an emergency. I just don’t want to put in the hours required to study. If I’m going to study for hours, it would be to get another certification for work. I’m not really inclined to do that either.

So, what will happen? I’ll get the license, of course.