Everything Was Snoozing

Lion didn’t sleep well Thursday night. He almost fell asleep at his doctor’s appointment yesterday because we had to wait so long. He said he wasn’t sure about doing another boner shot. I didn’t think it made any sense to do one if he was too tired to enjoy it. We agreed to put it off until today. He snoozed a lot when we got home. Luckily, he slept well last night.

I ran a quick errand this morning and then came back to mow more of the lawn before it got too hot. We’re having another mini heatwave. For three or four days, it will be over 80 and close to 90. It’s 92o F now, too hot for outdoor chores. I got the front and part of the side done before I had to stop. I did, however, put together the new weed whacker in the comfort of the air-conditioned house. I may get to that tomorrow. I may concentrate on mowing the rest of the lawn.

This afternoon is another test of boner juice. It worked fine on Monday but not well at all on Thursday. I don’t know if he injected the wrong area or what happened. Does he try the last dosage again or up it? We haven’t talked about it. I’m not sure there’s a correct answer. It all seems like trial and error at this point. I’d hoped, and I think Lion is with me on this, that once we got a satisfactory boner, the injection would work every time. Of course, there are variables. If he doesn’t quite hit the right spot or if he’s tired, his body can say, “Thanks for playing. You lose.” That seems unfair. If I was going to stick a needle in my privates, the stuff damn well better work.

Tomorrow, we’ll give waxing another try. I don’t know how the cleanup will go. He may be excited, depending on what happens today. He may not be. I just like oiling up my weenie and yanking on it. That makes up for not liking to wax him.

[Lion — The shot worked on Wednesday, but not very well. I think Monday’s success had more to do with over 30 days of waiting than anything else. The Trimax worked, but not that well. I’ll up the dose today and we can hope for the best. Mrs. Lion needs to remember that an erection created this way doesn’t necessarily mean I am turned on. I’m not at all sure what it means. It will be fun finding out.]