Weenie Woody

Lion went to his doctor appointment yesterday to learn how to use the boner injection. I have to say, it was weird watching an older female doctor matter-of-factly feeling Lion up. Apparently, not too many wives/girlfriends go with their husbands/boyfriends because either the doctor or nurse thanked me for being there. I don’t know if that’s because the men find it embarrassing or the women do.

On the way home from the doctor, we stopped to pick up the magic weenie potion. Lion already laid in a supply of syringes, but the drug came with some. I guess they want you to be able to enjoy it as soon as possible. I don’t have to tell you that Lion did.

I assumed it would be better if he was lying down for the injection. I guess that’s why I figured I’d be the one doing it. However, you are specifically told to inject while sitting or standing. Pull the weenie taut, choose your target and hit the bullseye. The nurse suggested we pre-fill the syringes once we figure out the dosage. We must have been concentrating on the difficult aspects of it because that suggestion was like a revelation. Duh. That would make it easier than having to take the time to fill the syringe when you’re trying to get busy.

Speaking of which, when he came into the bedroom sporting his woody, I set to work with my hand. It never works well when he’s on the bed so I suggested I suck him. It was going okay, but it occurred to me that it would take just as long, if not longer, to get him to the edge because I’d just gone ahead as though he was aroused. Hard weenie equals arousal, after all. Not anymore.

Now the question is, does he shoot up before we start, or once the preliminaries are done? I mean, the erection is immediate. On one hand, it seems logical to wait until foreplay has him in the mood. On the other hand, that means a break in the action. We’ll need to get the dosage right and figure out how long it lasts. If it lasts long enough, he can inject before we start and we’ll have time to do what we need. If it doesn’t he’ll have to inject after we start.

The way I see it, there are two answers we need. Number one is how hard he gets. Number two is how long it lasts. If we adjust so he gets a stronger erection, does that make it last too long (i.e. the dangerous amount of time)? Tonight, he’ll go up a dose and see what happens.