Three Hours

Yesterday, Lion had just started his call with the boner doctor when I got done with work. I headed outside to start rearranging the fence for the dog. The first eight panels went up very quickly. They were the new ones. Then I had to do a combination of disconnecting and dragging the old fence panels into position. By the end, I was hot, tired, and thirsty. It’s not perfect, but it keeps the dog contained. I was surprised when I came in and saw it had taken three hours to do it. I’ll fix it up and do some other chores outdoors tonight. I doubt I’ll mow the rest of the lawn until tomorrow.

The boner doctor call went better than expected. On Monday, we’ll head into Seattle for Lion to learn how to inject himself, and then he starts with the lowest dose, increasing until he gets to the dose that works best for him. We both envisioned an entire day spent in the doctor’s office. Nope. This is much more relaxing. And fun. If it doesn’t last long or even work at all, I still have to test each dose. How else will we know if it’s correct? The things we do for science. [Lion — Actually, the med works with or without sexual arousal. According to what I’ve read, arousal will improve the quality of the erection. If the dose is wrong and doesn’t get me hard enough, Mrs. Lion can take up the slack.]

Of course, I’ll have to try to rev the weenie this weekend. We can try. I never did test if sucking him would make a difference if he’s already getting hard. It may not work. I may have to try on Saturday and Sunday. Poor Lion. I have to be careful not to wear out the weenie before he gets the shots.

[Lion — At the doctor’s office, I will learn to self-inject with saline. On our way home we will pick up the real stuff. We can test for the first time on Monday night.]