Sometimes I Get My Way

I don’t want to jinx it, but we’ve been having great weather lately. Yesterday, the fence panels I ordered arrived. I want to give the dog a lot of room to run. Lion disagrees. He thinks she has enough room now. I know he doesn’t like being trapped in the house. How would he feel if he could never leave the house again? He wants to preserve the yard, including the long driveway. We don’t use the yard at all, except for mowing the lawn.

I’m overruling him. I’ll give the dog lots of room to run and, if it becomes a problem, I’ll do the smaller area for her. It’s not often that I go against Lion. I have to get what I want every so often. This is a hill I’m willing to die on. Besides, it’s just more work for me if I have to redo the fence. In the meantime, the dog gets more room to run.

The grass in the dog’s area was up to her belly. It needed to go. I mowed less than half of the yard in about an hour. Tonight, I’ll start her fence. Tomorrow, in the 80-degree weather, I’ll mow the rest of the lawn.

When we snuggled last night, Lion said he was getting hard. I hadn’t done anything more than move closer. I started jerking him off, but it didn’t last long. Maybe I should have sucked him instead. I can do that tonight. I don’t know if he’ll have another spontaneous erection again, but we can try.

He has his boner appointment in a little while. I’m not sure what they can do in a video visit. If it’s just talking then I’m glad we didn’t have to go sit in a waiting room for a 15 minute appointment. Most of the time we see his glaucoma doctor, we wait over an hour for about a 15 minute visit. At least the doctor looks in his eyes and takes the pressures. I guess the boner doctor doesn’t need to yank on his penis. At this point, at least.