Finally an Orgasm For Lion

Lion finally had an orgasm yesterday afternoon. His last one was 20 days prior. He said it was a long time. I agree, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying to get it out of him. I gave him a few opportunities lately. It might have been partially my fault, but I did try.

Giving orgasms is not an exact science. Of course, if you’re a twenty year old guy, it’s pretty much a given that with a fairly minimal amount of stimulation, you’ll have an orgasm. Not so if you’re over 50. If you have any health issues or you’re stressed (who isn’t?), having an orgasm will probably be more difficult. And just because something worked once, doesn’t mean it’s going to work every time. That cute little thing I did with my tongue is not the be all end all every time.

Lion likes to have his balls played with. He likes his balls tied up. He likes when I play with his crack. He told me recently that having his balls tied sometimes makes it more difficult to come. Huh? I thought that turned him on. Well, it does. And then apparently it doesn’t. Maybe there’s a point at which he needs his balls untied in order to get to the promised land. Similarly, yesterday I stopped playing with his crack and just concentrated on tickling his balls when I thought he was getting closer. Is that what did it? I don’t know. I’m not sure he knows. [Lion — I don’t.]

I can’t remember what used to work for me. Characters on TV talk about thinking about certain things to last longer. Obviously, that’s the guys. Female characters say they think about certain celebrities to get them there. I don’t remember thinking about a celebrity or anyone else, for that matter. I don’t know what Lion thinks about, either. [Lion — I’ll never tell.]

I hope it won’t take another 20 days for Lion to have an orgasm. I’ll do my best to help him.