After work I set up the massage table. When I went in the bedroom to collect Lion, he was asleep. I didn’t wake him. He’s had so much trouble sleeping lately, I figured snoozing was good for him. Of course, he was disappointed later when I said the massage table was set up and we didn’t use it. He didn’t get very excited when I was playing with him under the covers. I just figured he still wasn’t feeling well.

Before dinner, he mentioned his stomach was upset before we ate dinner. We decided to eat a new dinner. Afterwards, he really didn’t feel well. It wasn’t all at once, but he wasn’t a happy camper. Just before he’d normally get ready for bed, he made another bathroom run. The TV was up pretty loud, so it took a bit before I realized he was calling me. By the time I got to him, he was sinking to the floor. He’s had an easier time getting to his feet lately, so I wasn’t too worried about that. I went to get a chair so he could use it to get up.

When I got back, however, he was not responding to me. He was breathing, but he wouldn’t answer me. Touching him didn’t register. I ran to get clothes on and grab the phone to call an ambulance. Luckily, he started coming around. It took him quite a while to get off the floor and even longer to get back to a point that I was convinced he was going to be alright. Snoozing a little more helped.

He had a rough night and he’s still feeling like garbage, but he hasn’t had that weird non-responsive thing again. That was the scariest thing I’ve been through. He didn’t remember it at all. I guess that’s good. Part of me still thinks I should have called the ambulance. What if it happens again? Wouldn’t it be good to find out what happened? Chances are, they’d never figure it out once it stopped. He’s acting like a normal, sick Lion now.

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