I’m Not Broken After All

I had a very good time Friday night. Mrs. Lion gave me a spectacular blow job. Her oral sex skills are amazing. I was responsive, and she reported that I produced a lot of semen. How about that? I theorized that Ozempic was behind my loss of libido. Since I give myself an injection every Saturday morning, I figured the drug was at its lowest level on Friday. The theory makes sense but is probably incorrect. Regardless of the reason, I was ready and had a great time.

I had a very nice post-orgasmic glow that lasted most of the evening. I’ve been watching “Lost Kitchen” on HBO-MAX streaming service. It’s a pretty good documentary series featuring a woman in Maine who opened a restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to a book she wrote and the HBO show, she gets thousands of requests for reservations. Apparently, the restaurant is only open on summer weekends.

The female chef who owns the restaurant shows us her all-female staff and takes us on field trips to female-run farms. Men show up occasionally in very minor roles. Her poor husband got suckered into giving up his finance job and moved with her to Maine, where he doesn’t seem to have anything to do. She also has a son (who seems to be grown or late teen) who only appeared once. She alludes to a very unpleasant divorce, that may be why she is so aggressively avoiding men.

It could be that HBO is purposely staging the documentary to highlight women-owned businesses. That might be what attracted them to this particular subject. Actually, the show was on the Magnolia network and picked up for streaming by HBO-Max. Anyway, we are enjoying the show. You might too. There are three seasons streaming.

Last fall, we decided to suspend our DirecTV account as a move to save money. We bought the Hulu live TV service (about $85 a month and includes Disney+ and ESPN+. It also includes about 65 live TV channels). We only watch (record) “Jeopardy,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and NY Giants Football. Everything else is old TV we get from streaming services. We talked about it yesterday and decided that we could safely cut the cord to DirecTV. We get New York City channels on the Hulu service. I like that because Seattle TV news is dreadful. High school kids could do a better job. Also, that guarantees we see every New York Giants game.

Speaking of games, today is the Superbowl. We don’t particularly like either team. As a good New Yorker, I hate the Eagles. Philly is a natural enemy. I’m rooting for the Chiefs. Mrs. Lion hasn’t said (as of noon Saturday) whether we are playing our NFL game. If we do, I get eleven swats per point. She’ll update you in her post today.