Lion’s butt got punishment day swats yesterday. I used a mean paddle, but I didn’t hit all that hard. Lion may disagree. Every so often a did a harder swat, but overall it was a fairly low pain spanking. When I was done, I realized I’d forgotten to strap him down. Obviously, it wasn’t needed.

We snuggled a bit and I played with my weenie, but we didn’t do anything beyond that. I’m not going to promise anything for tonight. Every time I say we’ll do more because it’s the weekend, we don’t. Lion needs a hair cut and I need to vegetate. We watch game shows that give away saunas and trips to the beach. I’ve been daydreaming about both. I’ve never been in a sauna and I don’t really like the beach, but either one would be wonderful. Warmth. Relaxation. Ahhhhh. Sign me up.

One thing I will commit to this weekend is finding the Velcro. I’ve looked, although not very carefully. The problem is, I only look when I’m tired or don’t have a lot of time. I think the search will require extensive excavation. On the other hand, it’s quite possible it’s right under my nose and I just haven’t seen it. In either case, I will find it this weekend or I’ll get more. I’m sure this doesn’t make Lion happy. He’d rather I concentrate on activities he considers more enjoyable. Too bad. I like torturing him with Velcro. He has complained that I don’t come up with more activities on my own. Sometimes there’s just no pleasing him.

As of lunch, we’ve been on our diet for one full week. We’ve both lost some weight. Lion feels less hungry. I’m undecided. I’d like more snacks. Right now, for example, I’d like something. I don’t know what, but something. The answer probably isn’t a shake. They are filling but not that good. Of course, most of the food isn’t that good. It’s doable, but not really good. On the other hand, food that I liked got me to the weight I am now. At least I haven’t been hangry.

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