Red Light Green Light

Lion didn’t seem interested in playing last night. Granted, I was only fondling him under the covers and he did purr a few times, but he didn’t do more than that. What did I want him to do? I don’t know. He says he doesn’t want to ask for sex. He says he doesn’t want me to ask if he wants sex. I’m supposed to tell him he wants sex. Or, more correctly, that I want to play with him. Then, even if he really isn’t in the mood, I’m supposed to do it anyway.

I have a problem with that. If he’s really not in the mood, it’s an uphill battle to get him turned on. By rights, I can’t just launch into clothespins or whatever without getting him at least a little turned on. But sometimes I can’t get him turned on without doing something to him. Catch 22.

If he doesn’t say he wants sex and I don’t start anything because I don’t know if he wants sex, we’re each left wondering what the other is thinking. Usually, I’m thinking, “Does he want sex?” And he’s probably thinking, “Why doesn’t she know I want sex?” And around and around we go.

Last night, I assume, he didn’t want sex because his tummy was bothering him. The thought just occurred to me that I bought a red light/green light toy a few years ago to signal when I was or wasn’t in the mood to give him attention. I never really used it. I saw it around here somewhere recently. Maybe Lion should use it to signal me. He’d probably see it the same as asking for sex, though.

Another thing that just occurred to me is that yesterday was punishment day, so maybe Lion didn’t think there was a possibility of fun. I didn’t swat him because he got a lot of swats for our football game. I’m happy to say our team won and is now in the playoffs. That’s good and bad news for Lion. Next week is the last game of the season. If our team lost, he would have been spanked ten swats for each point. However, since there will be at least one post season game, he’ll get more swats then. Don’t let him tell you he isn’t looking forward to it.

[Lion — You didn’t hear me say anything, did you?]

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