Lion didn’t want IcyHot or ginger last night. I should have made him do it anyway, but aside from showing him that what I say goes, what would it have done? He’s not suddenly going to be excited about IcyHot or ginger because I said so. On the other hand, if he was looking for me to show my power over him, he might have snapped to it. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

Today, unless he doesn’t feel like being swatted, we’ll play our football spanking game. We record the game and watch it later. I avoid looking at anything that will show me the score. I scroll quickly past anything NY Giant related on Facebook. While I hate their penchant for winning or losing in the last seconds of a game, I still like to watch it with Lion without knowing what will happen, nerve wracking as it is.

We had our steak dinner with Lambrusco. At midnight, or close to it, we had eggnog with rum and nutmeg. The dog was nervous with all the fireworks going off, so we had to be available for snuggles. I don’t remember fireworks being a thing when we lived in New York, but they were setting them off when the ball dropped in Times Square. Things change. I remember when I was younger, thinking that 2000 was so far off. It still is but now it’s in the other direction.

I still think it’s amazing, not only that Lion and I found each other, but also that we’ve been together so long. I want a lot more New Year’s Eves and birthdays and everything with him. Yes, every so often we get sappy. I know Lion also wants a lot more spankings and orgasms. That’s not so sappy. I’m happy to give him both.

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