Things are still not going too well. Mrs. Lion is still suffering from vertigo. She tried the exercise that the doctor gave her. It didn’t seem to help. She (and I) slept most of the afternoon. The dog woke us up at 5:30 AM, and I guess we didn’t sleep too well after that. The weather has cooled off here. It was 46o F when I woke up this morning (Saturday). I wish I could do more around the house. Stuff needs to get done. I know Mrs: Lion will do them even though she isn’t feeling right.

We saw a commercial for IcyHot Pro. It’s a new version of Mrs. Lion’s favorite ball massage product. This one has the maximum amount of menthol (10%) and camphor (10%) permitted. She hasn’t tried it yet, but it promises to be horrible. When she opened the package, she said, “You are a glutton for punishment.” I smiled and said that I was just getting what she wanted. Mrs. Lion almost never actually gets something she says she wants for play.I provide the followthrough.

Mrs. Lion generally paints a “racing stripe” of the hot stuff from my anus, over my perineum, and along the seam on my scrotum. Depending on her mood, I get a wide or narrow strip. I hope she will just paint a small stripe of that new stuff. The old maximum strength version burns like hell. Thanks to her use of this weapon, I’ve learned that if I’m hard, the pain is significantly reduced. If Mrs. Lion stops stimulating me and I get soft, the pain is much worse. I think this is true of both sexes. Sexual arousal diminishes sensitivity to pain. Chemical weapons like IcyHot Pro allow Mrs. Lion to play with this. The new weapon is ready when she feels ready to launch it.

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  1. Capsicum ointment works a treat. Go lightly the first time.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion has some of that too. I hate it.

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