Too Much Time On His Hands

Lion needs a job. Aside from the obvious need for income, he clearly has too much time on his hands to find other chastity blogs. I just have to shake my head at some of the things he finds. Are they for real? It’s scary that some of them may be. I know some people like to be controlled and even humiliated, but many of these go too far. They cross a line. If they’re real.

Lion and I usually discuss things. When I came up with the idea for the nail polish, if he had said it was taking things too far, I would not have pushed him. I think the meanest thing I could ever do to him (aside from denying him all sex) would be to make him eat raisins. I’d have to be really mad at him to even think of doing that. And it might be one of the few things that crosses the line. No, it wouldn’t hurt him, but he’d be really unhappy about it. Worse than making him eat his own come? I think so. I do tease him that I’m going to buy some raisins for him, but I would never do it. I’m pretty sure if I really pushed the issue he would eat a raisin, but what would the purpose be? To prove that I can get him to do things he doesn’t want to do? I know I can do that. He hates the diapers I make him wear sometimes. He hates to have girly toes. Why make him eat a raisin?

I know that sounds like a stupid thing. What does eating raisins have to do with chastity? There’s a trust issue. I don’t ever want to make Lion do something he really doesn’t want to do. I know he doesn’t want a spanking at the actual time of the spanking. I mean overall. I know he wants to be punished. At punishment time he may wish I’d forgotten, but he trusts that I won’t go too far. Shaving his head because he forgot my birthday would be too far. (He always remembers special dates.) Shaving his head for any reason would be going too far. He trusts that I would never do that. He trusts that I would never make him eat a raisin. Some things are just vindictive. There’s no room in our version of chastity for that.