I was just about to ask Lion if he wanted to snuggle when he asked me. I didn’t really feel like doing anything more than that. I had no idea what he wanted. The answer became a little clearer when I let my hand wander. At first, I was just fondling him. He started to get hard so I got a little friendlier. When I stopped, he humped the air. I guess we know what he was after.

He wound up getting really hard. It had been at least a week since I’d been in the neighborhood. I didn’t think he’d be so responsive even after recovering. We were both tired. Apparently, the cure for being tired is hand to weenie resuscitation. I guess that would wake most men up. Maybe tonight I’ll feel more like encouraging his hard-on.

Yesterday, I had a headache that was worse than anything I had with COVID. I’m assuming it was my sinuses, but it was oddly reminiscent of how I felt the day before I tested positive. I haven’t been sleeping all that well, but I don’t have a headache today. I wasn’t hungry this morning though. I didn’t feel bad. I just didn’t want to eat. That’s weird for me. I’m usually hungry and even if I’m not, I can eat. Eventually, I ate my breakfast with coffee mid-morning. Then I wasn’t hungry at lunch. I can certainly stand to lose some weight, so I’m not really concerned about not being hungry. I just want to have energy for Lion fun later on.

I don’t have any ideas for tonight. I’m thinking we’ll just play it by ear. It may be another case of giving Lion an orgasm to reset the clock and go from there. Of course, I can have a little fun with him before his orgasm. I mean, he doesn’t have to have one right away. I can tease him a few times. He may not even get his orgasm tonight.

Who knows?

I don’t.

Listen to this post.