Lion Wants An Orgasm

Lion had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and then we went straight to an oil change. Well, it was supposed to be an oil change. It turns out it was only time for the tires to be rotated. Oh well. We picked up Pizza Hut on the way home for dinner. After all the activity, Lion was too tired for sex. Knowing it’s going to be a nice weekend and that means I’ll be mowing the lawn, he requested that I save some energy for sex. If he’s got energy, I’ll have energy. I also have to run to the store for some prescriptions we forgot about yesterday. I guess we were too excited about the pizza. We sailed right past the exit.

As you probably saw, Lion made me a chart of his red butt for spanking reference. Without knowing which implement was used to obtain that shade, I’m not sure how to replicate it. On the other hand, I suppose I could just keep swatting until I get there. I’m pretty sure I’ll run out of energy that night. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen often. [Lion — That’s why I suggested experiments to figure out how to achieve the 7+ level of results. Poor me.]

Up until the point of being too tired, Lion had been looking forward to an orgasm yesterday. He was making the assumption that I would have given him one. Of course, we know he doesn’t get to decide when, or if, he gets an orgasm. That’s completely up to me. He’s just lucky I like giving them to him. However, if he doesn’t give me the yummy cream filling, what incentive do I have? Something for a Lion to ponder while waiting.

I do enjoy making him happy, so that’s another incentive for orgasms. He makes nice noises too. I know it’s probably not his fault he can’t produce semen. I’ll take pity on the poor Lion. He’ll have his orgasm tonight.