Lioness 5.0

I have to give my lioness a lot of credit. She works very hard to make sure I have a sex life. The job is getting more difficult. I don’t understand why, but I’m not responding very well. She isn’t doing anything wrong. It’s me. Maybe I’m in a slump. Perhaps my intense work writing is affecting my sex drive. I don’t know. I like that Mrs. Lion locked me into the cock ring last night. I’m interested in trying a new use for the spanking bench.

We should make a few changes here. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lion has to bear the brunt of the work it will take to get them done. I agree that we need to use other rooms. There is a lot of clutter scattered around the house. Most of that has to go before we can spread out. That will take a lot of work. Maybe we need to make a trip to the dump with stuff we don’t need anymore.

the sore buns report

Ironically, my bottom hurts when I sit on the bed, but not when I’m in my desk chair. The best explanation for this is that my bruises are more to the sides of my bottom. They don’t end up contacting a normal chair. The bed is soft, and pressure is applied further up the sides. I don’t remember this happening before.

When I’m spanked, I usually end up with what some people call a tomato butt. There are a couple of large, darker red areas. Those areas are leathery to the touch and sometimes bleed a little. This has less to do with Mrs. Lion’s spanking style than my particular anatomy. Some bottoms turn pink and then dark red. There is little-to-no tomato effect. Others, like me, rarely get very red but almost always get the dark, leathery patches. I don’t think that equates to how much the spanking hurts. Mine hurt a lot. Mrs. Lion makes them hurt from beginning to end.

On Monday night, I said that she was Lioness 5.0 based on her spankings. She said that she was 1.5 because she feels that she has backtracked in other areas. I understand what she means. It’s not just her. We both allowed ourselves to drift away from our sexual path. Inertia is threatening us.

It’s not fair to blame her. I’m probably more to blame. My excitement level is low. She isn’t inspired to do more. I don’t know what to do about this. Neither of us is ready to give up.