Making Playtime Fun For Both Of Us

Tuesday night was clothespin night. Mrs. Lion used the wooden clothespins with stair-tread tape on the clamping end. They are very intense. Mrs. Lion found the spots on my balls that are most sensitive. I winced as she put each one on. It was equally uncomfortable when she removed them. It’s been a while since she’s used those particular toys.

I receive email ads from a couple of BDSM suppliers. I’ve taken advantage of sales and bought toys that looked like they might be fun in the past. Invariably, they never got used. This is true of the leather restraints I got after Mrs. Lion approved the purchase. It may be that she prefers the familiar. She also seems to have a strong preference for CBT.

In a recent post, she mentioned that she doesn’t particularly like anal play. I was surprised because we have done a lot of it. We have a large collection of penetration toys (dildos and butt plugs). When she was interested in sex, she loved anal. I guess that inserting things in me isn’t as much fun. I’m sorry I didn’t learn about her dislike of anal play earlier. I don’t want to put her through things she doesn’t want to do.

I think she likes bondage but doesn’t want to do the work setting up and strapping me down. I think that she is a creature of habit. If she strapped me to the bed every time we were to play, maybe the habit and familiarity with the process would make it routine. I don’t know.

At one point, I figured that she might like some activities if she got a sense of accomplishment out of her progress. I suggested that she “train” me to take larger and larger objects anally. It was my idea that she would get a sense of accomplishment. I would if the roles were reversed. She didn’t. On the other hand, she’s mentioned that she has pride in the quality of spankings she delivers. She said she likes to see my butt get red and my yelps louder.

When sex is only one way, it’s difficult to work out activities that provide pleasure for both partners. Mrs. Lion is wonderful about making sure that she takes good care of me.