Big Dinner

Lion’s post for this morning was sort of sad. I was thinking about our old dog recently too. It’s funny how different one dog can be from the next. I guess it’s like kids. My kids may be similar in some respects, but they’re certainly each their own person. Lion likes to point out how frustrated I got with Daisy when Willow is driving me nuts. I guess it’s true, but I never got as frustrated with Daisy as I get with Willow. Our first golden retriever was nothing like either of them. Lily was a quiet, sweetheart who rarely barked and was never very excited except when she got to play in the snow or roll around in the grass. They were three very different dogs.

I have been trying not to let the psycho dog wear me out. I want to save some energy to give Lion attention. I’m not sure if he was still sad after dinner, when we tried to play, but we didn’t have much luck. It might have been because I was just playing with my weenie. I didn’t tie him up or use any toys on him. He needs that every so often. He probably needs it more than I think he does. He may need a spanking to right the ship, so to speak. I’ll try some clothespins tonight to see if that helps.

It may be something as simple as not being ready yet. He bounced back from his orgasm pretty quickly, so I gave him another right away. Maybe he’s not bouncing back as quickly this time around. That’s certainly no problem. We’ll keep trying and sooner or later he’ll be ready. I know I’m not giving up. I don’t think he is either. The only problem I can see for tonight is that we’ll probably both be too full from the corned beef and cabbage dinner. Yum!