Balls of Fire

Lion’s balls turn red when I coat them with IcyHot.

I doubt Lion is interested in sex so soon after an orgasm, but snuggling won’t necessarily lead to anything. It depends on how we feel and how horny Lion is. There was a comment on my “12 Orgasms of Christmas” post yesterday saying sex isn’t a sport. My first thought was that it might not be a sport, but it can certainly be a game.

This morning, Lion was watching television, and someone said something about roasted balls or balls of fire. Something like that. He said sometimes he has balls of fire. I’ve never felt IcyHot on a sensitive area of my body. When I’ve used it, there’s a cooling feeling, and then it warms up. Apparently, on balls, there is no cooling feeling. Or maybe it’s just no feeling and then heat.

I don’t remember Lion ever saying it felt cool. I think there’s the initial knowledge that it’s gone on, and now we wait for the fire to start. It’s painful for about 10-15 minutes, and then it starts to subside. Once, Lion made the silly comment that some menthol rub I got wasn’t hot enough. I decided that meant he needed more, so I slathered it all over his balls. Yikes! Talk about balls of fire. I don’t think he’ll ever say menthol isn’t hot enough again. He certainly learned his lesson.

Sometimes I’m accused of being too vicious. It’s usually in relation to spanking Lion. When I bruise him or leave him bloody, people think I’ve gone too far. I’m mean. I’m evil. I don’t think I’ve ever gone too far. Lion has never used his safe word. Usually, I’m too forgiving. This is especially true in the case of menthol rub. At least spanking has a lead-up to the harsher stuff. Menthol is either on or off. When it’s on, it happens quickly, and Lion tends to writhe in pain. He’s told me it’s too much, and I’ve let him wash it off. The problem is that it doesn’t just wash off. I don’t know if there’s a particular remedy. We’ve talked about trying milk as though he’s eaten a chili pepper and needs relief. However, he’s never actually used his safe word then, either. I’m just too nice.

All this talk about balls of fire makes me wonder if he wants them. I know he never really wants them, just like he never really wants a punishment spanking. He likes the idea of IcyHot and punishment spankings. I’m in charge, and I’m making him do these things. I guess I am mean and evil.

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