lion's penis in jail bird chastity device
This is my Jail Bird chastity device.
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When we started male chastity, one of the first questions was, how long should you wait? I researched it and discovered a lot of blogs offered “authoritative” advice. The average was ten days. No sensible reason was given for any particular time between ejaculations. I concluded that all of them were just male fantasies. Mrs. Lion wasn’t particularly interested in any suggestions on the subject. She freely admits that she never has a plan for the time between my ejaculations.

Over the years, I’ve asked her to think about this. We wrote lots of posts about this subject. She made it clear that she would do what she wanted regarding how long I have to wait. This has worked for us over eight years of male chastity. It’s never been a big deal to her. I can be extremely interested in the subject when I am horny. She likes that.

It turns out that Mrs. Lion enjoys it when I want sex. Luckily for me, she also has fun when she makes me come. She is the rare female who truly likes the taste of semen. She has to balance her two sexual pleasures: seeing me horny and tasting my semen. Poor dear! The result is that I don’t end up waiting too long.

This suggests that maybe people new to male chastity relax with the “how long?” question. Agree to let her decide. She may get you off daily, weekly, monthly, or longer. Let her work it out. She can observe you and see what feels right to her. If she’s like Mrs. Lion, you will experience a variety of wait times. Oh well. That’s how the game is supposed to be played.

One thing I would strongly suggest: She, not you, should provide your orgasms when you get them. Some partners tell the caged male to unlock himself and jerk off. You could do that by paying some online “mistress” to send you an email when you can unlock it. Sexual contact is an important part of having a partner. It isn’t important how you interact. If all she does is give you a handjob, that’s fine. It’s an important connection to be the sole source of each other’s orgasms. This is especially true when you play the male chastity game.

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  1. I used to track when I was let out of the cage and when I was allowed to orgasm. As the uncaged orgasms turned into mostly caged ruined ones, I stopped tracking it. There was no longer a connection between the two. We still have a general idea how long it’s been, but that gets fuzzy after a few weeks. I think the normal wait time is about a month, with full orgasms being far more rare. Every couple is different though.

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