Life Intrudes

Tuesday didn’t end up as TIEday. We took the puppy to training class and brought home pizza for dinner. By the time we finished eating, it was well after eight. Mrs. Lion still had to shower, and there were some chores to do around the house. Her sinuses were bothering her, and she was exhausted. She made the wise decision to skip any lion activities and the chores that could be put off.

This morning she sent me an email that she was feeling a lot of pressure because things at work were annoying and there were so many things to do at home. I suggested that her feeling pressure might be one reason to spank me. Her reply made perfect sense. She said that spanking me would be one more thing on her list. That’s true. She has a point. I’m not looking for a spanking, but I think that giving me one might turn out to help relieve some of the pressure she feels. At worst, it’s ten minutes of exercise. Hopefully, it offers a sense of satisfaction and progress.

We both suffer from the same malaise. If the number of to-dos is allowed to stack up, we both shut down, and nothing gets done. I’ve always had this problem. It’s crippling at times. Over the years, I’ve learned to be a little better about getting overwhelmed, but I’m nowhere near cured. This is something that spanking won’t help. It’s deep-seated. I understand how difficult things can be for my lioness. I feel horrible that I can’t be of more help.

Anyway, it’s entirely too easy to put sex and BDSM at the bottom of the list. They are, after all, optional. Or are they? Mrs. Lion understands why she has to put off tying me up or teasing me. I think it bothers her because she thinks she is letting me down. Nothing I do or say will change that. It’s part of being overwhelmed. All I can say is that I understand, and I want to help.

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