We haven’t been up to anything over the last few days. We were supposed to leave yesterday on a camping (Ha! giant 5th wheel trailer) trip. We decided not to go. The puppy wouldn’t be able to be left alone for more than a few hours. That would make it difficult for us to take side trips. Too bad. This is the time of year the apple crop comes in as well as other yummy fruit. Our destination was in the heart of the fruit country.

Instead, we are going to be home. Maybe Mrs. Lion will use the restraints she bought a while ago. She also talked about waxing me and using our massage table for more than hair removal. Nice prospects. Other than that, we will putter around the house and enjoy each other’s company.  Boring lions!

Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me on Thursday night. This time it was my fault. I slipped on a dog toy on Thursday afternoon and fell. I must have twisted oddly. My chest was very sore. I expect she will do a makeup spanking this weekend. I suppose I’m due for one. One thing she never forgets to do is paddle my bottom.

After my post yesterday, we had a short discussion about spanking for more subjective offenses. Mrs. Lion said that she would begin using her paddle to let me know when I am not properly obedient or respectful. She also said that she didn’t think she could be consistent. That’s fine, of course. Subject offenses are far from black and white. Mrs. Lion will need to decide when she wants to paddle me. Once she gets some confidence in her ability to do this, perhaps she will take “just because” spankings off of a schedule and just do them when she decides I need one. She will need to be vigilant that inertia doesn’t take over.

We’ve come a long way in our disciplinary marriage. I’m very proud of my lioness. She’s done a great job of growing into her role.

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