Lion Waxing And Puppy Proofing

My waxed nipple

My home office looks like a war zone. Sections of wire fencing are guarding the cables connecting my computer and monitors. Puppy proofing is much more difficult than dealing with an infant. For some reason, Willow, like her predecessor, Daisy, finds chewing wires irresistible. She severed the power cord to our Sleep Number bed. It’s a miracle she didn’t electrocute herself. Our latest strategy is to put portable GFCI units on every exposed cord. They aren’t cheap, but worth it. The alternative is to spend every minute watching her.

Even though she is only nine weeks old, the house is covered with dog toy land mines. Mrs. Lion loves finding new toys for the puppy. If you add these purchases to the mountain of toys that Daisy left, I’m surprised there is an inch of clear floor left. Given my limited vision, things have become much more interesting for me.

True to her word, Mrs. Lion waxed me on Sunday afternoon. We were both surprised by how quickly she finished. I was on the table for less than an hour. Between Mrs. Lion’s improved skill and my body hair getting lighter and thinner, the effort needed to defur me is dramatically reduced. Perhaps this improvement will encourage more frequent waxing sessions. Each time I’m waxed, less hair grows back.

My last orgasm was unusual. Mrs. Lion reported that I wasn’t fully hard when I came. From my perspective, the feeling was less dramatic. It felt good, but usually, I can feel muscles in my legs and stomach tighten. It almost hurts when I finally climax. This time, when I approached the edge, it was less urgent. Had Mrs. Lion stopped, I wouldn’t have felt the normal letdown.

When I went over the top, I could tell that I was ejaculating, and it felt good. It wasn’t the orchestral crescendo I typically feel. Perhaps that’s why my penis wasn’t fully engorged. I don’t know. The timing was right. It was something under ten minutes from start to finish. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion gave me release.

I’m tempted to be too analytical about all this. Orgasms aren’t all the same. Some can hurt. Others, like this one, can just feel good. The important fact is that it felt good, and I delivered the payload. That’s what nature intended. I can’t ask for more than that.

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