A Quick Trip

It probably comes as no surprise that we haven’t been doing anything sexual. My plan was to do a just because spanking Monday night. A new strap was delivered and we were going to test it out. With the dog in the hospital, I wasn’t sure if I’d feel up to it. Lion said we’d be better off if we maintained as much normalcy as possible. I tentatively agreed. Then things changed.

Unfortunately, I have to go out of town tomorrow. I don’t know if Lion would be horny anyway, but now he’ll be lonelier, which almost guarantees he won’t be horny. It’s another whirlwind trip so I’ll be back Saturday afternoon. Ironically, it’s supposed to be cooler in NY than it is in Seattle. The same thing happened when I went to Georgia. Sorry Seattle. I can only work so much magic.

I can’t snap my fingers and make Lion feel better once I get back, but at least we’ll have a shot at getting things back to normal. My cross-country trips will be done so I won’t have that hanging over my head. I think the next pain in the ass thing is taking the camper back so they can repair damage that happened on our trip home in March (April, May?) because things were not secured for us. Once that goes, it’s just regular, ordinary days one right after another until we need to pick the camper up again.

Anyway, back to the strap. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it looks heavy enough to restrain Lion. The problem with the other leather strap is that it was too short. I hope this one is long enough. I probably should be using more straps on him to keep his movement to a minimum. The luggage strap I’ve been using came as a set of four so I do have options.

Lion also said the new strap looks mean if it were used for other purposes. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that. I could repurpose the strap that’s too short as well. Good idea, my pet! He’s very skilled at getting himself in hot water.

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