Back to revising for me. Sadly, I still haven’t found my fiction voice. I’m trying yet another approach, this time writing in the first person. I always considered this writing to be an easy out for bad writers. Third-person writing seemed to be a higher calling. Maybe it is too high for me. For the record, I am much happier in the third person. Descriptions are easier, and the plot seems to move better. This is just a test. Leave no stoned unturned.

I just read a headline on my Alexa. It said, “Broadway shows are first to open in Australia. Wouldn’t you say that was off-Broadway? Way, way off-Broadway. What do I know?

Mrs. Lion has been sending mixed messages. She posted that she forgives me for my conversational faux pas. Yet, she also said spanking me would help her feel better. [Mrs. Lion — I didn’t say it would make me feel better. I said I forgave him because spanking him was too much pressure given everything else. He said spanking would be a sort of pressure relief.] I suppose it doesn’t matter whether or not she has a reason. For the sake of lioness training, it makes sense for her to paddle me for pissing her off the other day. Then we can both make the connection between upsetting her and punishing me.

I’ve been thinking about my part in our disciplinary relationship. While it may be modeled on the way mothers punish children, it’s different in several important ways. Obviously, it’s a lot harsher. An adult male needs much stronger educational messages. There’s another, a more significant difference: I am an active participant.

A child is punished for breaking a rule that an adult creates. The child doesn’t create rules or help with enforcement. An adult partner has a lot more responsibility. The main one for us is that I help Mrs. Lion become a consistent enforcer of rules supporting my growth and well-being.  She has no problem consistently enforcing rules that teach me better behavior, like waiting for her to eat first, setting up the coffeepot (when we get another), and not spilling food on my clothes.

The challenge comes when my behavior upsets her. She hates it when I interrupt her. As she wrote in a very recent post, it is very upsetting when I don’t give her a chance to express a complete thought. Yet, she doesn’t punish me for those offenses. That’s when I have to behave maturely and help her. We both know that when she can consistently punish me for my annoying behavior, we will be happier. That won’t happen unless I help her.

Believe me; I wouldn’t say I like being spanked. The idea may turn me on, and being spanked may provide sexual fuel once the pain subsides, but it isn’t something I actively want. Ten or fifteen minutes of paddling is endlessly painful. It hurts to sit for days afterward. It may be fun to read about, but it is absolutely no fun to get. Yet, I have to ask for spankings when I become aware I have pissed off Mrs. Lion. Of course, once she develops the disciplinary habit of punishing me when I do those things, it will be better. In the meantime, it is my obligation to ask her to hurt me when I deserve it.

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