Moving Target

The planets aligned again and we played last night. Lion was awake. Neither of us had headaches or stomach issues. When I teased my weenie, he responded. Then I suggested he might enjoy being sucked more. He agreed. I thought we were on our way to another orgasm. At the very least, I thought I was going to get him to the edge. We were motoring right along and then Lion said he didn’t think he was going to get any further. Buzz. I’m sorry but thank you for playing our game. The good news is that both of us enjoyed ourselves even if we didn’t get to the level we thought we would.

Now for the bad news. Lion wants me to humiliate him when I’m punishing him. How long has it taken me to get to a point that I can effectively leave him sore the next day? Years. How long does he think it will take me to get to a point that I can humiliate him? I’m guessing years – probably a lot more years than it took to spank him well. At this point, it’s difficult enough to keep going when he’s yowling. I mean, when he yowls because I’m really hurting him, not when I’m just hurting his pride. And I really just got to the point that I’ll talk to him during punishment.

The other thing that bothers me, and I usually say this tongue in cheek, is when is it ever enough? Punishment is so great and now we know how to do it right. But now we need to do X. And we do X, but now he’s discovered Y. I’m not saying we should become complacent. I’m just wondering why we can’t stop here for a while and enjoy the scenery before we move on to the next town. It took so long to get here. Why jump right back in the car when there’s a pretty view? Relax. Stop moving the target.

Yeah. I know. That’s not Lion’s way.

[Lion — You have a point. Obviously, you don’t need feedback about spanking. I’m still getting a twinge now and then from the last one. I agree that it might not be worth the effort to be verbal too. Sorry if I made you feel that you weren’t doing a good job. You are!]


  1. Scolding during spanking and getting a response I find to be very useful as a way of gauging how much to spank that day. When his responses go from a bit surly to heartfelt, contrite, and pleading, it acts as a sort of “yellow” signal that he’s about done. Mind you, as lion says, that’s when you can announce the warmup is over and punishment will now start.

    Scolding requires a bit of practice but is really pretty easy in the end. Just don’t be at all concerned with being repetitive. You can ask over and over again “will you ever do that again?”. Add in a few “I think it’s ridiculous that a man your age needs to be punished like a little boy” and you’re all set. Better yet, lions a writer, and is obsessed, so ask him to print out a long list of scolding phrases that turn his crank. Each time you can pull out 2 or 3 new ones. Once you have a repertoire of a dozen or so, it’s more than enough as you can chain them together in so many different ways.

    1. Author

      Scolding just feels wrong. I’m having trouble making myself do it. Of course, I’m now doing things I had trouble doing at one point or another.

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