Downward Lion

The yoga pillow arrived yesterday. It was vacuum packed and looked like it would never get to the right size. I left it alone while I made dinner. Lion was snoozing so there was no rush to show him. By the time I was done with the dinner dishes it was fully “inflated”. It’s fairly firm so it may actually do what we need it to do. Next time Lion has to be spanked, we’ll check it out.

After my shower, I snuggled in close to Lion. As I rubbed my weenie, I heard the unmistakable sound of Lion snoozing. His eyes were closed and then he started snoring. I moved away from him to get in a more comfortable position. He woke up a few minutes later and said he wasn’t sleeping. It must have been the dog being a ventriloquist.

The way I figure it, and I may be wrong, is that if he falls asleep while I’m trying to get him excited, he must not be interested. Of course, if he’s really tired then it’s understandable. He was snoozing when I walked in from work. He was snoozing while I made dinner. I don’t think he was really tired. He’s said in the past that he falls asleep because he’s bored. I get that. In general. But if I’m trying to get him excited he shouldn’t be bored. And if he’s bored then he’s really not interested.

I think maybe we have to determine why he falls asleep so easily, especially since he’s not aware he’s even doing it. Maybe it’s worth a trip to the doctor. He may have sleep apnea, although I was diagnosed with it and I woke up more with the mask on than without it and I felt exactly the same. It seemed ridiculous to be woken up more by the “cure” so I stopped using it. I don’t want to add another malady to Lion’s list but it might be something serious.

Tonight we’re heading to Costco. We’ll get back late and I don’t think either of us will be in the mood for love. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll try the yoga pillow. I hope it works.