According to the weather forecasts, we are due for 4-8 inches of snow here starting tonight and continuing into tomorrow. With any luck, the only being going outside will be the dog, and if she could figure out how to use a toilet she wouldn’t want to go out either. Last night we were cold and huddling in bed wondering where the cold breeze was coming from. This morning, about an hour after I got to work, Lion emailed to say the furnace wasn’t working. Yup. That would do it.

Lion managed to get a fire going. I assumed he’d be dressed since he was cold. He was not. Why? I have no idea. I understand his desire to stay in “uniform”, but I’d say these were extenuating circumstances. It’s different if he’s just cold. Then I’d expect him to suck it up or climb in bed to stay warm. If the heat is out, he would be excused for wearing clothes. As a matter of fact, I was questioning his sanity for not being dressed.

Once home, I went to check the breaker box to see if maybe something tripped a breaker. Nope. The next step was looking at the furnace. I flipped two switches off and back on to see if that would help. Either flipping those switches worked or the furnace knew my next step was to start banging on it. In any case, it’s working again and we’re toasty warm. Now the snow can do whatever the hell it wants.

Maybe it was because we were cold, but we only snuggled last night. I didn’t even do a weenie drive by. It’s just as well. Even if he was horny, he wouldn’t have wanted to come out from under the blankets. I’m sure things will be different tonight. He still might not be horny, but we won’t be huddled together for warmth. When we huddle it will be for groping.

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