This morning I had a Zoom meeting for work. We discussed COVID-19 and it seemed like the bosses are trying to downplay how bad it is. Apparently in our county the death rate of those who’ve tested positive is “only” 7%. I’m sorry, but that’s not an “only” figure. That’s a “holy crap that’s high” figure when you consider the estimate of 0.1% for the seasonal flu. I haven’t heard the 7% anywhere else so I’m relying on the boss’s information. At any rate, I’m not surprised our county is not proceeding to phase 2 reopening.

Ironically, after having been sequestered in our little home for months with only trips to the doctor and to pick up prescriptions, Lion seems to want to venture out more. We went to the store on Sunday and today he has dinner ordered from a restaurant in Seattle. Of course, I was heading out today anyway to get more prescriptions. My point is that Lion, himself, wants to go with me. His argument has been that any time I go out I’m potentially bringing the virus home with me so it shouldn’t matter if he goes out too. That seems like simplistic reasoning but I guess it has some basis in fact. If he stays in the car while I run in, his argument holds. If we both go in then, I think, we increase the danger. It’s all a crap shoot anyway. We do what we can to stay safe, but there’s no guarantee.

I know we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the virus on this blog. It’s supposed to be about chastity and sex. Where’s the chastity and sex? Well, Lion had his orgasm the other night. He’s not interested in sex right now. We had a very quiet night watching mostly reruns of shows. We held hands and chatted and that was about it. Aren’t you glad I gave you a play by play of that? Most of our life together involves things other than chastity and sex. We still have chores and work and blah, blah, blah to do, just like any other couple.

What does tonight hold? I don’t know. From the menu he read me, I’m not sure either of us will be able to move much. We’ll be too full. Again, I’m not sure how horny he’ll be yet. Neither of these things precludes holding hands. Snuggling might be a bit difficult depending on how full we are, but I’d say any activity beyond that is probably out. Tomorrow is a better bet. We won’t be as full and it will be one more day removed from Lion’s last orgasm. Each day increases the possibility of Lion horniness. For now, we’ll both enjoy being together. What more can we ask for?