The Return of the Box o’Fun

A very long time ago, when we first got together, I said I might get bored with things. I didn’t mean I’d be bored with Lion. I meant I might be bored with doing the same BDSM things every night. I’m not even sure we did BDSM every night when Lion was getting his nightly orgasms. We have added many more things to our repertoire so you’d think I would have a lot of tricks up my sleeve but I might actually be getting bored with it.

Lion has made the comment more than once that I seem to enjoy CBT because that’s all I seem to do. Of all my options, that’s the one that comes to mind most often. I have more ways to torture him that way than any other way. I can spank him but he gets punishment spankings fairly regularly. They are different and maybe a play spanking would help toughen up his cheeks for those punishment swats, but I guess I’ve taken play spanking out of the equation in my mind. I can give him anal attention. He has to be able to stay on his knees for while and that’s not always possible. It also takes a toll on my back and legs, depending on how long we do it. I can make him wear diapers or panties. These are good options because I don’t technically have to do anything other than tell him what the rules are and notice him at different points during the day. And then we’re back to CBT.

I keep going back to the studies that say married couples have sex a few times a week and then that trails off to once a week and then trails off even more with age. Lion wants some sort of sex every night. I’m not saying I don’t want to give him attention. I’m just saying it’s bound to get boring eventually. I’m going to run out of ideas. It’s going to be “just” vanilla more often than not.

Maybe we need to go back to the Box o’Fun. Maybe every few days I need to pick from it to help with the boredom of tying his balls or using clothespins. If I can’t come up with something on my own, I pick from the box and see how it decides I should torture Lion. It’s worth a shot.