A Month of Sundays

So much for my four day weekend. However, I’m about to have a thirty day weekend. Last night we were informed that the office will be closing except for emergencies. I have to give my boss a quick refresher course on how to do my job so when I come back I have less of a mess. Some work still has to go on even if most of us are gone.

Obviously this is a necessary move. Cutting down on the spread of the virus has been on everyone’s mind for some time. Of course, it doesn’t make it any easier when you lose income. But there are some safety nets being implemented. It’s not like we’re the only ones dealing with a loss of income. Banks and landlords and utility companies are, presumably, being understanding with late or no payments. The important thing is to get through this thing.

As you can imagine, Lion is worried about the loss of income, but he might be a little more worried about the impact on his butt. Quite literally, in fact. If we are in close quarters, he’s more likely to get himself into trouble. He won’t do anything intentionally. I suspect he won’t have to. It will just happen. He’s already got cabin fever. I’ll be a little more tolerant of the situation, but I’ll probably have cabin fever eventually. As much as we want to spend all our time together, I’m sure we’ll need a little space from each other too. Luckily, the house is just big enough to be apart when needed. Lion has his office as his sanctuary and I can go outside.

Lion has already pointed out that I can start unpacking again since I’ll have time. This is true. I’ll uncover the rest of our stuff and when the pantry is all cleared out, we can set up the waxing station. Yay! (She says unconvincingly.)

And we’ll have all the time in the world to play. Lion is still working but I’m sure we can find time to play. He’ll make sure of it. This will be good. Well, this will be fine.