Lion got a double whammy yesterday. PT really worked his arm so it was sore. Then he went to the dentist and his mouth was sore. We ate mushy food and watched TV for the night.
At one point Lion did interrupt me. Ironically, “interrupt” was one of the answers (questions) on Jeopardy! last night. This was after he did it so he definitely knew the answer. Since I didn’t do the maintenance spanking because he was already hurting, it makes sense to do a real punishment spanking tonight or whenever he feels up to it. I don’t want to kick a Lion when he’s down.

The one criticism Lion had for me was that I didn’t actually tell him he’d be spanked for interrupting. That’s fair. Sometimes I let him off the hook. I should have told him that I was punishing him in lieu of the maintenance spanking. Realistically, either way, he’ll get whomped so it really shouldn’t make a difference. However, I understand his need for specifics.

My weak spots are catching him breaking a rule and following through with punishment. Apparently, we can add letting him know I’ve caught him and will be punishing him to the list of shortcomings. I’ve definitely got room for improvement.

Lion still has his sore spot so the cage remains off. I’ll inspect the area tonight to see if he needs any ointment or cream on it. I think it just needs time in the open air to heal. I guess I was right to give him an orgasm the other night so I don’t have to worry so much about him playing with himself. Not that I ever really worry about that. He’s a very good boy.