Lion Attention

Lion gave me a day off last night. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was nice to “only” rummage through a few boxes to find something and do a load of laundry. Tonight I’ll try to put up the towel rack and maybe put our medicine cabinet together. Of course, we just ordered a whole bunch of things to make our lives easier and some of them are due today. I’ll have to figure out if any of the new arrivals make better sense in time and energy than the medicine cabinet.

Once I’m done with whatever chores I decide to take on, I can snuggle with Lion and get back to Unlocktober. I told Lion I’d give him a maintenance spanking since his buns feel lonely. The poor neglected Lion tush hasn’t been swatted in about a week, I think. I did have a nice view of those cheeks when we were trying to get the stand off his monitor on Saturday. We were tag-teaming drilling the screw heads off and I was sitting behind him at the time. I almost felt him up, but I was afraid he’d jump and potentially damage the monitor. He always tells me I can make him bend over so I can get a better view, but I really like the impromptu moons.

He’s been writing a bit about anal activity but that requires a little more energy than I’m willing to expend right now. I know where there are some dildos in a box that used to be under the bed. I just don’t know if that box has any butt plugs in it. If it does I could stuff him full of butt plug and go on my merry way. He could percolate for a while before I remove it. I’ll have to check that box out when I get home.

In any case, Lion will get some attention tonight. He may get more than he wants. What a lucky boy!