In the “dungeon” where Lion’s sling is, we have a cabinet filled with various torture devices. Upstairs I have a clear box that used to live under the bed. It was filled with all sorts of toys that were easier to access than running downstairs. Right now, I have about eight paddles on top of our electronics cabinet in the bedroom. They are easier to find than putting them in our spare bedroom which has become a catch-all for anything we don’t quite know what to do with at any particular moment. I used to laugh at my aunt and her spare “junk” room. Now we have one. The problem with the paddles on top of the electronics cabinet is that we have lots of other stuff up there (if it’s a flat space, we put things on it – both of us) and things tend to fall off.

I think I might have an idea to fix it. What if I got an over the door shoe holder? Instead of shoes, I can put a paddle in each pocket. Easy access. They won’t be falling off the electronics cabinet Maybe we can put some of the other crap in there from the electronics cabinet too. And then the top of the electronics cabinet can be piled high with other stuff. (I know us too well.) Of course, I can use the pockets for other torture devices. The Magic Wand should fit nicely. If I put clothespins in their own zippered bag, they can fit. I could even sew a Velcro patch on it to stick the Velcro straps Lion loves so much onto it. And if company or repairmen are coming, we can just take the whole thing down and stash it somewhere out of the way.

Sometimes I come up with good ideas. And this one won’t hurt Lion one bit! Too bad.