Turnabout Is Fair Play

sad lion
I’ve gotten away too long with my independent use of money. I know I will be sad when Mrs. Lion cracks down.

Our growth may seem slow to some, but to us each step is exciting. Monday night was a milestone. After a very intense tease-and-denial session that left me panting, instead of putting me back in the plastic chastity device I had been wearing, she went to my dresser, picked up the Jail Bird, and put it on me. She didn’t say a word. She just decided to change the device I was wearing. “No big deal,” you say. Oh, it was a very big deal. In an email yesterday, she wrote that she felt almost like she was getting away with something when she did that. It is a milestone in her growth. I’m really proud of her.

Mrs. Lion consults me before she takes any action that might affect me or us, as a couple. That’s one of her best qualities. I tend to do some things without consulting her. I just charge ahead. But you know that about me. That’s one thing I think should change. So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t attempted to bring me to heel. It may be in the near future that my bottom will pay each time I charge off and do something without permission.

This is all about entitlement. We are nearly exact opposites in this department. It could be a big reason why we fit so perfectly. It is my nature (no wonder I am called “Lion”) to take immediate action. If there’s something new that I discover and find interesting, I will charge off and research everything I can find on the subject and then go order things without a word to my lioness. That’s how those  green and pink panties ended up in my underwear drawer. I read about forcible cross dressing: caged males being required to wear panties. So, I found the Manties website and ordered two pairs. When they arrived, I quietly put them in my chest of drawers.

Later, I broadly hinted to Mrs. Lion that I was thinking that panty wearing might be a good thing for me to be made to do. She didn’t take the bait. The unworn panties stayed in the drawer. I asked again and explained I bought two pairs. I showed them to her.. This time she unenthusiastically told me to put on a pair. I did and wore them for the day. That was it. The panties spent months in the drawer until last weekend when Mrs. Lion decided some cross dressing would humiliate me nicely.

My point is that I shouldn’t have purchased those panties without Mrs. Lion’s permission. That was me charging off on my own again. There’s no question that it is my nature to be this way. However, there should be limits set by my lioness with severe consequences for exceeding them. Up until now, Mrs. Lion has noted this behavior but hasn’t made any attempt to limit it. It may be time to start.

One challenge Mrs. Lion faces when it comes to doing things without my knowledge is the disparity in our incomes. Generally, I have more disposable money available than she does. That puts her in an awkward position. If she wants something and can’t afford it, she has to ask me to buy it. I’m always happy to do that, but she generally doesn’t want to ask. Happily hat changed the other night.

She was browsing websites looking for a bra and other dainty items for me. She didn’t have enough money of her own to buy them. She asked me for my credit card. She also gave me the amount she is spending to make sure I have that much available in the card. Then, she took the card and bought whatever she wanted. I think the reason she did this was that the purchase was for me. Granted, it wasn’t something I will want to wear, but nonetheless it is for my use. I think that’s why she gave herself permission to use my card.

I’m hoping she will translate this behavior to other areas of her life. I don’t want to give permission for her to buy anything. If I have money available, she can just take it. I know that will set off all sorts of alarms inside her. It will be very difficult for her to do that. She should consider how easy it is for me to charge off and buy something. She’s going to curb that. It’s time for the lioness to go charging off herself. Turnabout is fair play, after all.


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    “She’s going to curb that.”
    Do you mean that she is going to start taking control of you financially?
    That is real, that is scarier than wearing a pink shirt announcing to the world that you are spanked.

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