As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, the bandage came off my left eye and it works! It doesn’t work very well. I’m told this is to be expected. As she wrote, we’ve turned a corner in a positive direction. Mrs. Lion is doing all the heavy lifting for our move; literally. I can’t lift anything more than a few pounds for several weeks. As usual, timing couldn’t be worse. I know we will get through it.

All this loss of vision has made me introspective. Compounding this, we are very restricted in terms of what we can do physically and sexually. I’m learning more about myself and about the way we function as a couple. Our inability to carry on our power exchanges has had a surprising benefit. Most of the time, when people stop enforced male chastity or a female lead relationship with discipline, they do it because it’s not working for them. Ours is working fine. My recent health issues are blocking us.

Of course, I miss those nearly-daily teasing sessions. It’s going to be a while before they resume again. While I am recovering nicely, Mrs. Lion is exhausting herself packing for our move. By the time we get to bed and watch some TV, she’s really too tired to even snuggle. We both understand why this wonderful intimacy is reduced for a while. It certainly doesn’t stop me from missing it.

In fairness to her, I tend to drift off to sleep during TV time. It’s very tiring to try to watch a program when your vision is newly challenged. We will do as much as we can. In a few short weeks, we’ll be moved and my eyes will have continued to heal from their surgeries.

We are probably about a week away from safely resuming our disciplinary activities. As I’ve written recently, we’ve both discovered that we get real benefits from our FLRD. I don’t want to keep going back to that. I know I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the value it has for us. We spent some time talking about this a couple of days ago. We independently reached the conclusion that there is no useful substitute to put into place until I’ve healed enough to be spanked.

I was thinking about a “banking” system, where I would accrue points that would be redeemed later in terms of spankings. We tried something like this a few years ago. I got a lion piggy bank and Mrs. Lion could put pennies into it when I did things I shouldn’t. The idea was that on a punishment day she could empty the bank, count the coins, and then punish me appropriately based on how many coins I accumulated. I know other people do things like this where they keep score which is eventually redeemed with a paddle. It didn’t work for us.

Mrs. Lion wisely decided we would suspend our normal rules. If I annoy her, she will growl or snarl at me. Invariably, that brings me up short and stops whatever trouble I’ve gotten into. We agreed it made no sense for us to keep track and punish me later. The principal reason that this won’t work for us is that Mrs. Lion truly dislikes keeping track of things. From my perspective, I won’t get any educational value from the punishment so long delayed.

So, for the time being we settle for occasional snuggles and playtime. Our FLRD is without the “D” part for now. Mrs. Lion has to settle for growls and snarls until I’m well enough to spank. The important thing right now is that the surgeries were successful and I have some vision in both eyes. I’m never going to recover all of it, but things will improve steadily for a while.


    1. Thanks for all the good wishes!

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